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GoPillow | Grey
GoPillow | Grey

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The GoPillow is a hands-free, wearable breastfeeding pillow that is ideal for moms on the go or at home. This portable nursing pillow is worn on the arm to simultaneously provide a cushion for baby’s head and support for mom while breastfeeding. While used as a nursing cover, the attached blanket/cover provides privacy during public breastfeeding and provides warmth for baby when used as a blanket or a wrap. It's not just a breastfeeding aid, it also moonlights as a portable pillow and swaddling wrap, a toddler pillow and blanket, a portable diaper changing surface and slides into the arm rest on planes to become a pillow for small children.


    • Hands-free, wearable pillow
    • Breast feeding pillow with built-in privacy cover-up
    • Pillow and swaddling wrap for babies
    • Toddler pillow with an attached travel blanket
    • Portable diaper changing surface
    • Travel pillow for all ages
    • Arm warmer during cold weather (especially during outdoor activities)
    How it's used:

    Insert your arm into the opening.
    For breastfeeding privacy, pull out the built-in blanket and drape it diagonally across your body.
    Adjust the blanket by pulling it to make it taunt or pushing it down to increase the slack.
    For swaddling, take the blanket under and wrap the baby in a spiral.
    Or, just double the blanket back over the baby's legs.

    Benefits of the GoPillow:
    The GoPillow is multi-purpose.
    The GoPillow can be used hands-free.
    The GoPillow can be used as a pillow and nap mat for toddlers.
    The GoPillow is wearable and more portable than competitor's pillows.
    The GoPillow's uses can be adapted to the age of a baby or young child.
    Breast and bottle feeding moms can use the GoPillow for cradling comfort.
    The GoPillow blanket is retractable; it can be tucked out of the way when not being used.

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