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Kushies Baby Review!

When we first started shopping for baby and nursery things I kept seeing Kushies brand in the big stores, but also in the local shops we have here too. I immediately fell in love with the grey chevron patterned things and I was so excited when we got the crib and bassinet sheets, and change pad cover at my shower! So when they reached out to me after Bash was born to see if I’d like to try out some of their new collection I was definitely in! I was also looking forward to trying out some of their clothes since we’re now in the stage of figuring out which brands and sizing fits Bash the best. Turns out that’s quite a process so I’m pretty grateful for the hand-me-downs we’ve been getting so that we can try out a bunch of different things.

The box arrived...

The box arrived and inside was a bag full of goodies! They sent over crib and bassinet sheets, the softest blanket, a sleeper, bodysuit, and pants. I’ll link to what I can at the bottom of the post.


Okay, so for sizing.

Bash is 3.5 months and is a tall, fairly skinny baby. He general wears 3-6 month sleepers and onesies right now, but is quickly outgrowing them in length. However, pants that are 3 month size are way too short on him and 6 month are way too big in the waist. BUT by some miracle these pants fit him perfectly. They are 6 month, but fit in the waist and are slim enough in the legs that they don’t ride up on him. They also have a cuff so if they were too long we could cuff them up for a while. Big win in my books.

The bodysuit is also 6 months and fits him great right now. But he will probably outgrown the length by 4 months I’m sure. They fit really nice in the arms and legs though so for this phase it’s great


When I first pulled out the sleeper...

When I first pulled out the sleeper (also 6 months) I thought it was going to be way too big still, but I decided to try it on him anyway and what do you know, another perfect fit! It has cuffs on the sleeves that I roll up for now, but there’s room to grow with it still fitting well now so that’s a win-win to me. It’s the first sleeper we’ve had with a zipper down the side instead of the middle, but I don’t mind it. I think he will get at least another month or 2 of wear out of it. They also have weights listed in their sizing which I’ve found sometimes more accurate than sizing by age, and they are right on for Bash right now too.


The blanket is a good size...

The blanket is a good size, super soft, and a cotton/lycra mix so it has that bit of stretch to it too. But my favorite part is that it’s reversible and there’s grey and white stripes on one side! Obviously it would be a favorite for me.

Sleep bags are such a genius invention!

Sleep bags are such a genius invention! We only swaddled Bash for the first week or so, but he would always wriggle his arms out in the middle of the night so it didn’t take long before we moved on to using a sleep sack. It keeps him nice and warm especially in this Canadian winters so that we don’t have to have our heat turned way up at night for him.


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