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Flannel | Multi-Fit Adjustable Bassinet Sheet


Your baby will love the soft and soothing comfort of Kushies’ linens!

This bassinet sheet is made of quality cotton flannel fabric and is "envelope" shaped to keep your pad secure and fully covered!

  • Made of 100% premium Cotton Flannel, the same soft and breathable fabric hospitals use to swaddle newly born babies!

  • Ideal for rectangular shaped pads but will also accommodate oval pads. Hook & loop closure tabs allow for a 5” in adjustment in length and allows for 1/2" in the width.
  • Our exceptional product adjusts to fit the following sizes of bassinet pads:


  • Length - 27" to 32" (69-81 cm), Width - 15" to 15.5" (38-39 cm).

Proudly made in Canada